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Teen Driver's Education
BDS provides accredited and affordable Teen Driver's

Teen classes are available Online, in BDS Classrooms
and Behind-The-Wheel.  Our Teen Driver's Ed is also
available in some local high schools as an elective
course for students.  

Visit our
Teen Registration page for schedules and

Successful completion of BDS Teen Driver's Education
qualifies for a discount with most insurance carriers.   
Information For Parents & Teens Ages 14.5 - 17
Golden Triangle & Houston
BDS Classroom
At our locations, teens enjoy learning with an
interactive curriculum of videos, guest speakers, and
special projects. BDS provides the in class materials
and supplies.

Teens may enroll in the 32 Hour Class instruction and
the 14 Hour Behind The Wheel instruction separately
or (SOLO) or with bundle package (COMBO).

Behind The Wheel
Behind The Wheel instruction places the teen in the
vehicle actively applying safe driving techniques for a
total of 14 hours.  The  Teen drives for 7 hours and
observes other students driving for 7 hours.   

Enrollment Qualifications
Any Teens with a valid permit and access to one of our
locations may enroll at BDS BTW.  All teens are
welcome to enroll BTW irregardless of where the teen
earned their 32 Hour instruction.  

Scheduling BTW Session
All teens enrolled in one of our BTW sessions will
schedule their drive time on our
Schedule Teen BTW
web page.

Please complete scheduling after the teen receives
their Permit from the Texas Department Of Public

Teens are required to present their permit during each
BTW class or forfeit that class.

BTW Class Cancellation
BDS does not conduct BTW Instruction during
inclement weather.

If necessary for teen to miss a class session, please
provide as much advance notice as possible.  Student
who do not provide 24 Hour cancellation notice are  
subject to $20 cancellation fee.

FREE Friends
Teens are able to select preferred driving partners
whenever scheduling allows.  This is service is

Teen receives priority consideration for non scheduled
drive times.  BDS contacts you if an earlier slot
becomes available and you decide whether or not to
accept opening.
Permit Test
Students have the option of BDS administering the
Written Exam or taking the test at their local DPS and
paying their fees.  

Whenever BDS administers the test, Parents will need
to sign and officially grant BDS authorization.  Please
note there is usually a $10 fee for this testing.

Road Test
BDS now offers Road Test to teens and adults. DPS

How To Obtain Permit and/or
Driver's License
On the first day of class, BDS provides our enrolled
teens and parents with comprehensive, step by step
information on how to obtain permit and driver's
BDS accepts all major credit cards and checks on our
website via PayPal.  We accept cash and credit card
payments in our local offices.

To register and pay for a class visit our
Registration page.
Class Enrollment Options
BDS enrollment options allows Teens to enroll  
Classroom Instruction and Behind The Wheel a la
carte as
Class SOLO and BTW SOLO.  Teens also
may enroll  
TEEN COMBO which combines Class
SOLO and BTW SOLO into a single package.

Teen Class Schedules and tuition rates are available
on our
Teen Registration page.
BDS provides your teen with the needed education and
skills to become safe drivers.  But, as parents, you are the
biggest influence on your teen's driving habits.  Your
consistency of good driving  behavior and temperament
has the greatest impact on your teen.

You influence and control the development of your teen
driving behaviors.  You determine which passengers are
allowed in the vehicle and places your teen visits.

Behind The Wheel With Parents
Effective September 1, 2013, Texas Law now requires
Parents/guardians to document an additional 30 hours (15
day and 15 night) of in-car instruction with their teen.

Behind The Wheel 30 Hour Instruction Log

Behind The Wheel 30 Hour Log Instruction Guide
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Teen Combo
Class Solo and Behind The Wheel Solo
Teen Class Solo
32 Classroom Hours In BDS Classroom
Behind The Wheel Solo 1
7 Hours Driving  7 Hours Observing
32 Classroom Hours Earned At BDS
Behind The Wheel Solo 2
7 Hours Driving & 7 Hours Observing
32 Classroom Hours Not Earned At BDS
  DPS Permit Test at BDS
DPS Road Test at BDS
  Introducing Permit Focus
Teen Earns Permit In Four Days
Permit Focus
3 Days Of Intensive Permit
Teen Attends Early 3 Day Intensive Instruction Permit Session
Teen Tests For Permit On 4th Day
Teen Completes Classroom Instruction Sessions On Later Dates
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2990 Richmond Ave, Ste LL16, Houston, Texas  77098
Golden Triangle Area
866-960-6688 Toll Free   409-960-6688 Local
4320 Lincoln Ave, Groves, Texas 77619
Broussard Driving School
BDS now offers Texas Department of Public Safety Road Test
Houston Area Teens & Adults
Road Test Approved

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TDLR Accreditation and  
Licensed Instructors